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Architecture is a realm where possibilities are boundless, where creativity knows no limits, and where architectural dreams become a vivid, awe-inspiring reality.


We design interiors that inspire and delight by focusing on aesthetics, functionality, and attention to detail. Our expertise lies in infusing buildings and spaces with a vibrant energy that sparks the imagination.

Casa Studio
has experience in various types of project

Hotel & Villa

Where Hospitality Meets Innovation

Educational Facilities

Unlocking the Potential of Educational Facilities

Services & Community Space

Enhancing Lives through Thoughtful Design

House & Residential

Transforming Spaces into Personal Sanctuaries

Working Space & Office

Creating Tailored Office Designs for Optimal Efficiency

Cafe & Restaurant

Creating Memorable Dining Environments

Casa Studio

has a comprehensive way of work


Ask & Discuss

In-depth conversations and discussions with our clients, where we strive to understand their vision, aspirations, and requirements.



Through an exploration of thorough research, brainstorming, and sketching, ideas begin to take shape and initial concepts emerge.


Design & Develop

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, 3D modeling, we bring the design to life, enabling our clients to envision their future spaces.



We showcase our visions, and proposed solutions through a combination of visual renderings, architectural drawings, and interactive models.


Support & Survey

By integrating asking, discussing, supporting, and surveying, we strive to create exceptional architectural solutions that exceed expectations.

Grön Café / Cafe & Restaurant / Canggu
Casa Studio
has won several achievements
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Rumah Prika / House & Residential / Denpasar
Casa Studio
has won several achievements
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